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Patient Stories


Clifford & Lois

The Stocktons were a bit apprehensive when their daughter's physician recommended Regional Medical Center for outpatient surgery; fearful that their daughter might not receive the same level of care as other area hospitals. What they found was quite a different story.

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After receiving a trip as a Christmas gift from his mother in 2012, Bert Robinson and his family headed west for what they thought would be a week of snow skiing in beautiful Deer Valley, Utah. On the first day of the trip, something unexpected happened.

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At their family vacation home on Pickwick Lake, 14-year-old Stewart had just left on a golf cart ride with friends when her mother’s cell phone rang with terrible news of an accident. 

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Phil never thought a ride on his motorcycle would changed his life forever, but it did when his wife got that dreaded phone call with news that he was in a motorcycle accident.

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Although she's now a medical student with a bright career ahead of her, Mallory's future wasn't certain in 1988 when her mother went into pre-term labor, roughly 16 weeks early. 

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U.S. Army Colonel Ben didn’t feel the hot round of ammunition colliding into his leg, but with a quick look back he realized he had been accidentally shot by a fellow soldier.

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While Cal’s weekend trip with friends from college had ended, his journey had just begun.

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