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Greatest Hits: Dollars for Downloads

Regional One Health Foundation serves Memphis and the Mid-South through the efforts and donations of sponsors and community partners.

Our “Greatest Hits Series: Dollars for Downloads,” allows you to place your dollars on essential items of need within various areas of our hospital system. Included in your donation package will be a “greatest hit” music download from an artist who has previously performed at our annual ONE Night gala or Elvis Presley, the namesake of our Trauma Center.

See the descriptions of our donation packages below and choose your “Dollars for Downloads” option. Thank you for your contribution to our community’s health needs! 

Download Descriptions

Prayer Journal - $25

During difficult times, maintaining a spiritual connection can help patients find inner strength and healing power. Writing is widely acknowledged as being therapeutic. Combining writing and prayer could well be the key for many patients to heal and find the strength to move forward.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” – Elvis Presley

Baby Homecoming Celebration - $50

(New Baby Clothes from Amazon Baby Clothes Closet)

Babies can’t get far in their birthday suits! That is why the Baby Clothes Closet located in the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center at Regional Medical Center is so important. In times when a newborn is ready to go home, but lacks basic clothing and infant necessities, we want to help. The Baby Clothes Closet is stocked with new, infant and preemie items donated from individuals, corporations and local churches. 

“Celebration” -- Kool & The Gang

Coffee Corner - $ 75

(Coffee Supply for Waiting Areas)

Many families find themselves spending early mornings, long days, or late nights in our waiting rooms. Coffee provided throughout the day for families helps with the burst of energy they need to be there for the ones they love. We make sure that families have everything they need to make their coffee just the way they like it!

 “That’s the Way (I Like It)” -- KC & The Sunshine Band

TLC Packs - $100

(Toiletry Bags)

Can you imagine not being able to meet your most basic hygiene needs while caring for a loved one in the hospital? Sometimes family members have nothing but the clothes on their back when they reach the hospital. In those times, we want to make sure families can keep their focus on the ones they love. Your generous donation will create the opportunity for us to purchase an entire case of much-needed toiletry items to share with families in need. 

“Loving You” – O’Jays

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